Korea tourism board launches halal food channel

Even with COVID-19 restricting overseas travel, the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) is promoting the country to potential Muslim tourists via its new Halal TV. The initiative, which will broadcast 'halal-themed' content on its YouTube channel, aims to provide information on Korea's halal culinary landscape. The Halal TV channel will upload content starting this week until November 16, 2020. A total of 10 video shows will be available during this period.
In the past, KTO found that Muslim tourists visiting Korea have difficulty locating halal restaurants. To resolve this problem, the agency hosted a yearly "Halal Restaurant Week Korea". These events provided reliable information about Muslim-friendly restaurants serving halal foods and special offers, including discount coupons.
However, with the pandemic still presently restricting travel, KTO decided to feature halal-themed video content instead to promote Korea's Muslim-friendly F&B offerings. Included in the programme line-up is the "Halal K-Food Cooking Studio". This show teaches viewers how to prepare halal versions of Korean dishes such as Bibimbap, Tteokbokki and K-Ramyeon noodles. Another programme is the "Halal Restaurant Tasty Party", where Muslim expats in Korea share their views on some of the well-known halal restaurants across Seoul.
More details are available at KTO's YouTube Channel WOWKOREA

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