New food tracking scheme for HK F&B industry

GS1 Hong Kong has launched a new scheme to boost traceability, food safety control and management for the local food industry. Under the new "Quality Food Scheme+" participating F&B enterprises are assessed based on more comprehensive internationally accredited food safety standards, including GS1 Global Traceability Standard (GTS), ISO 22000 - Food Safety Management System Standard, as well as HACCP— Food Safety Control Standard.
GS1 Hong Kong is the local chapter of GS1, a not-for-profit, standards organisation that develops and drives adoption of easy-to-implement global standards for business. The group's criteria uniquely identify, accurately capture and automatically share vital information about products, locations and assets. SGS HK is GS1 Hong Kong's audit partner for this venture.
Aside from helping enterprises reduce and control risk, the scheme will ensure product quality and food safety. It would also protect consumers' health, build and safeguard a food organisation's market integrity and enhance competitiveness.
The new programme also addresses the current effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on Hong Kong's F&B industry. A new Scheme report will provide companies with disease prevention advice, including industry best practices and how to uplift food safety management through proper technology adoption. For example, an enterprise can use appropriate sensing and analysis technologies for real-time monitoring of the food processing operation to strengthen the risk management control and enhance food safety.

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