Sustainable chocolates only for Japanese market


Japanese chocolate makers banded together to make sustainable chocolate the norm for the country's  market. Local chocolate manufacturers, artisans, retailers, and wholesalers such as Morinaga, Yuraku Confectionery, FamilyMart Co, G+ Spread, Le Chocolat De H, Chocolate Design and J.Maeda has partnered with global chocolate supplier Barry Callebaut to promote this initiative.
According to a 2019 consumer insights research by Barry Callebaut, more than 70% of Japanese consumers believe that sustainable chocolate products are more trustworthy. Confectionery made from sustainable chocolate were also perceived to be of better quality and in alignment with consumers’ values. Barry Callebaut’s Forever Chocolateinitiative aims to make sustainable chocolate the norm by 2025.
Hironobu Tsujiguchi, a chocolatier from Le Chocolat De H, said: “I believe the ‘farm-to-bar’ approach is the basis for improving the quality of our creations. We need to tell consumers that the right tasting product begins with the growth and fermentation of raw materials at origin countries. Therefore it is essential to be aware of where these ingredients come from and to find added value for the farm and the store.”

COVID-19 pushed the focus on sustainable sources
The COVID-19 pandemic has also spurred chocolate confectionery makers in Japan to consider a long-term shift towards sustainable chocolate. In March this year, Yuraku Confectionery announced its transition to using only 100% sustainable chocolate in all their highly popular Black Thunderchocolate bars by 2025. Major confectionery maker Morinaga will also introduce its sustainable chocolate products, available in grocery shops and retailers across Japan. 



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