Indulge in a week-long exploration of the tastes and flavours of Italy

If you're looking to explore Italian food and drink in Singapore, you're in for a treat! The Italian Food and Wine Week will occur at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre from January 22-26. Show organiser Magaras promises a week-long journey of delicious tastes and trades. Ramon Addazi Gouveia, the co-founder and CEO of Magaras, has provided more details to Tasty Asia's editor, Millette Manalo-Burgos.

Which markets are being targeted for this event?

Ramon Addazi Gouveia: The Italian Food & Wine Week in Singapore is tailored explicitly for professionals such as restaurateurs, sommeliers, chefs, importers, and distributors. This year's edition is exceptional as it will feature an entire section dedicated to the world's finest extra virgin olive oils, curated through the esteemed selection of Flos Olei, one of the most significant guides in the world of extra virgin olive oils. Adding to this exclusivity, Marco Oreggia, the founder of Flos Olei and a journalist renowned as one of the world's leading experts on olive oil, will be present. He will offer visitors a unique opportunity to taste the finest olive oils, many of which are making their debut in the Southeast Asian market. This showcase promises to introduce an array of extraordinary and novel olive oil brands to the region, offering an unparalleled experience to the attendees.

Why did Magaras choose to organise this event in Singapore? What are the key benefits of holding the event in Singapore?

Ramon Addazi Gouveia: The decision to host this prestigious event is driven by Singapore’s rich culinary scene, a high density of top-tier restaurants, including Michelin-starred venues, and the presence of globally acclaimed chefs and culinary experts. This dynamic city-state is celebrated for its culinary excellence. It is a global hub for gastronomic expertise, making it an ideal location for an event celebrating the pinnacle of Italian food and wine.

What do you think of the Italian food and drink market in Singapore? Is it significant?

Ramon Addazi Gouveia: Singapore's Italian food and drinks market is vibrant and expanding. The city's residents, known for their refined culinary tastes, are increasingly embracing and incorporating new flavours from different cultures, including Italy. This open-mindedness is particularly evident in their reception of products like extra virgin olive oil, which, while not traditionally part of Asian cuisine, finds a receptive and sophisticated market in Singapore. This trend underscores the city's evolving and diverse food culture, continually integrating culinary traditions from around the world.

Are you planning to hold Italian F&B events in other Asian countries?

Ramon Addazi Gouveia: The strategic goal for Magaras is to establish Singapore as the primary hub for this and future events. The vision is to position Singapore as the premier meeting place for major participants in the food and wine industry, extending its influence beyond the local market to attract professionals from across the Southeast Asian region. The event is poised to attract a broad and influential audience, utilising Singapore's strategic location and reputation in the culinary world, enhancing its regional impact.

What will be the key takeaways for visitors to this upcoming event?

Ramon Addazi Gouveia: The Italian Food & Wine Week in Singapore will provide exceptional networking opportunities. The event will draw key players from various sectors, including restaurants, hotels, bars, and distribution networks, creating a vibrant and stimulating atmosphere. With the anticipation building around the event and the presence of almost all Italian producers, attendees will have a rare chance for direct engagement and face-to-face business discussions. This event offers a unique platform for building connections, sharing ideas, and fostering new collaborations within the global food and wine industry.

Visit the Italian Food and Wine Week website to register.

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