Sustainability critical in global dining tourism

Sustainability now underpins global F&B tourism declared industry experts at the recent FoodTrex Global Summit organised by the World Food Travel Association (WTFA). Before the COVID-19 pandemic, adopting sustainable practices were considered essential but never the priority. However, with the disruption caused by the pandemic to the world's F&B businesses, the industry was "shocked into analysing how how we run our businesses", said WFTA.
Moving forward, panellists predict more F&B establishments in crucial travel destinations using less plastic and other environmentally harmful materials. They also see more opportunities for culinary innovations due to the growing popularity of ‘less meat’ diets. F&B brands seeking more growth should also be proactive and maintain continuous discussions with consumers and travellers.
Another key takeaway in the summit was recognising the importance of culinary cultures.
While most of the world experienced lockdowns at home or in the immediate neighbourhood, many shopped at local businesses, said Erik Wolf, executive director of WFTA. This trend helped to open our eyes to the significant impact of spending locally, he said.
In normal times, people get busy and distracted. Yet when it mattered, there was simply no substitute for local food systems, he added.
“As we think about sustainability, the importance of preserving our local culinary cultures and local food systems is more important than ever.”
Besides the locals, tourists are temporary residents who benefit from improvements in local food systems as well, Wolf concluded. (Image from Unsplash)


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