Award-winning chef opens new digital restaurant

Despite the pandemic bringing in more work-from-home meals, stay-home dinners and lunching ‘al desko’ at the office, Michelin-starred chef Beppe De Vito, chef-owner, ilLido Group (Art, Aura, Amò, Braci, Grammi, Southbridge) wants to remind consumers to eat and live well together. And at a time when comfort is needed most, De Vito unveils Grammi. This new online restaurant delivers wholesome and accessible Italian-Mediterranean dining to doorsteps. Italian for gram, Grammi is said to represent the chef’s meticulous approach to excellent quality food, and the menu features personal recipes. Tasty Asia editor Millette Manalo-Burgos finds more of De Vito’s insights on the F&B industry in this interview:

What are your thoughts about the future of foodservice post COVID? What do you think will be significant changes in the restaurant dining scene?

Beppe De Vito: Dining landscape has changed, and it will be for the foreseeable future. Gone are the days of corporate luncheons and group bookings, and with the economy on the downturn, consumers will be more mindful of their dining budget. Destination dining, as a result, will not bounce back so quickly, as compared to fast-casual restaurants.

Can you share long-term plans for Grammi? Do you plan to continue with this concept, even after Singapore’s dining scene re-opens?

De Vito: Grammi is here to stay, and it is part of a bigger picture to digitally transform our business with the shift in the market demand. Even though restriction on dining out has been lifted, times have changed. Partially due to the decrease in social and corporate entertaining, there’ll be more ‘lunches al desko’ at home or in the office and stay home meals. Grammi is here to address that. We are targeting to grow into an F&B emporium offering quick, accessible and quality dining solutions - be it ready-to-eat, or grocery.

What are some of the most challenging aspects that your team encountered when you were setting up Grammi?

De Vito: Time. We had to pivot, and pivot fast to get ourselves out there as soon as possible to address the fast-changing times. Within weeks we had to work out menu and menu R&D. The packaging was another challenge as we faced limited stocks and variety available locally while trying to be as eco-friendly as possible. We were rolling out our digital spaces to be as thorough and user-friendly as possible. A project like this will usually take at least three months (to build), but we had to fast track it. We adjusted ourselves around the obstacles rather than trying to jump over it.

What is your advice to other F&B operations on how to survive during this pandemic crisis?

De Vito: Don’t be afraid to make quick and hard decisions. Study the market and embrace the change.

Grammi offers an extensive ready-to-eat menu, grocery shop and drinks staples for everyday comfort. The new online restaurant delivers island-wide daily. Visit for more details.

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