Food and drink makers keen on forging new markets

Tasty Asia attended the recent Speciality & Fine Foods Asia show in Suntec Singapore and discovered quite a number of international F&B companies keen on exploring new markets not only in South-east Asia, but in other parts of Asia such as China, Japan and South Korea. Here are some of our Tasty Finds from the show floor.

Agritrade Peru seeks presence in Asia
Agritrade's Joseph Araujo
Joseph Alfaro Araujo, sales representative of Agritrade Peru, showed visitors the company’s array of organic Andean grains such as Quinoa and Chia seeds and high-quality cocoa and coffee beans. Agritrade is not only dedicated to the bringing Peruvian agricultural products in the international market, but also in ensuring small farmers in Peru are paid fair prices for their produce. Find out more at

Rubis' Lester Ong

Rubis plans to pour more in the region 
For three days, Lester Raphael Ong, marketing and business development manager, Rubis International, happily poured shots of V Gallery flavoured vodkas and Rubis Chocolate wines for guests. Both products are made in the UK. Being both brand’s Asian distributor, Ong said they are not only exploring the Singapore market, but also looking for new ones in the region especially in Japan, China and South Korea. Get more product information at

Dr Van Pham at the A'fruit booth
A’fruit attracts health buffs to its dragon fruit juices
In every bottle of A’fruit is a different approach to making dragon fruit juice. Dr Van Pham, general manager, Kim Hai Food Technology, told Tasty Asia the secret is choosing freshly-picked fruits and employing minimal processing possible to produce the fruit juice. Also, the fruits are from the company’s 40-hectare farm in Vietnam, which uses sustainable growing and production methods. More details at

Tok-Poki treat
Tok-Poki Korean street food adds spicy boost 
Visitors were given a spicy boost courtesy of the Okra International team who were busy cooking and handing out spicy samples of the company’s K-Bunsik Tok-Poki product. Already available in Indonesia, the Halal-certified South Korean food product is slowly, but surely exploring new markets in South-east Asia, one spicy pot at a time. More information at

Healthy snacking from Duo-Li-Duo of Taiwan 

Tasty Asia’s Kristy Tan (right) queried Po-Chia Huang, marketing manager of Duo-Li-Duo Food Corporation, about the company’s offerings at the show. Duo-Li-Duo makes quality dried fruits, vegetable chips, crunchy dried bean snacks, coffee, nuts, cereal and more. More information can be found at

Provucano serves the beef and more 
Quality meat served
by Provucano
The local media were treated to succulent and juicy lamb, veal and beef from Spain courtesy of Provacuno, the agro-food interprofessional organisation of the Spanish beef industry. Four companies exhibited at the Provucano booth, namely Miguel Vergara, EC Medina, Novafrigsa and Alma Meat. Find out more details at


Save the environment, use edible straws! 
Isito Food Co from Vietnam has the perfect solution to save the environment from plastic drinking straws — replace them with edible ones! The company’s Vistraws are made from rice powder and vegetable ingredients and are sturdy enough to be used for the most flavourful beverages. Find out more at

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