Chinese ‘non-fried’ instant noodle brand hits South Korean market

Laofanjia, an instant noodle brand from China, was launched recently in South Korea and is now available at GS25, a convenience store chain with 13,000 outlets across the country. According to Jinmailang, the instant noodle brand’s maker, the product is made using a “non-fried” steaming and boiling technology which avoids the rich oils and oxides found in fried foods — thus, resulting in a more “soft taste close to that of freshly-made noodles” offered at restaurants. 
South Korea is said to be one of the biggest consumers of instant noodles in the world, leading the world in per capita sales. However, a number of instant noodle brands sold in the country are still produced using traditional frying technology. 
After South Korea, Jinmailang plans to launch Laofanjia in Japan and Hong Kong, followed by other markets in the region. 

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