Thai chefs launch COVID-19 relief effort

To assist F&B workers suffering from the loss of income due to the pandemic, the Thailand Chefs Association and Thailand Culinary Academy launched its ChefHug initiative last week. The World Chefs without Borders (WCWB) also endorsed this chef social responsibility (CSR) project.
The months of lockdown in Thailand has left many cooks and chefs without jobs. Since many of them are the primary income earners, there are instances that these F&B staffs do not have enough money to purchase even a meal during the lockdown, said ChefHug’s organisers. The event, which started last May 11th is ending on May 20th. The goal is to provide hot meals and create short term income for affected F&B workers by hiring them to cook, pack and deliver food during the relief drive. ChefHug’s 10-day cook-off also provided support to small wet market sellers and small foodservice suppliers. Participants prepared 40,000 meals during the 10-day event and delivered to 50 districts in Bangkok. Each day 4,000 food packs were distributed to five areas or communities. 
Willment Leong, WCWB Thailand chairman, said they are willing to share their entire operation manual to national chef associations interested in deploying a similar concept in their country.

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