Japan tourism group taps body to help promote halal F&B

To help facilitate Halal certification of Japanese food products exported to Singapore, Warees Halal Limited (WHL) and JTB Pte Ltd (JTB) signed an agreement covering areas in Halal certification and promotion. WHL is a government-linked company within the MUIS, also known as the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore, the statutory board in charge of Muslim affairs in Singapore. Meanwhile, JTB is one of the biggest travel agencies in the world, with offices in 40 countries and its headquarters in Shinagawa, Tokyo.
DinarStandard’s State of the Global Islamic Economy Report 2019/20 estimated global expenditure on food and beverages at US$8 trillion. Of these 17% ($1.37 trillion) are made by Muslims in 2018, growing at 5.1% from 2017. Spend is forecast to grow by 6.3% annually to reach $2.0 trillion by 2024. The WHL and JTB collaboration aim to help companies tap on the growing Halal food and travel market in Japan by providing more extensive options for Muslims.
It also plans to promote Halal certification and related services in Japan based on the Singapore Muis Halal Standards and Quality Management System. Present at the MOU signing were Dewi Hartaty Suratty, CEO of WHL; Sallim Abdul Kadir, chairman of WHL; Toru Ikuta, president and CEO of JTB Asia Pacific; and Naoyoshi Tashiro, general manager of JTB.
In this interview, Suratty revealed to Tasty Asia, the challenges faced by several Japanese companies seeking halal certification. She also explained how Warees could assist them not only to obtain certification but to help grow their market as well.

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