La Marzocco’s KB90 lands in Singapore

After making its way into different parts of Asia, Italian espresso machine maker La Marzocco’s KB90 is now in Singapore. Globally launched early this year, the KB90 promises to set a new standard in high volume café performance by “striving to make great espresso faster, cleaner and easier”.
Some of the unique features of the KB90 include the Straight In Portafilter designed to simplify the motions required to engage the portafilter and reduce the strain on the barista’s wrist. As high-volume coffee environments demand that a barista works fast and efficiently to produce drinks during busiest periods of the day, the KB90’s Straight In Portafilter design can help mitigate the repetitive stress injuries occurring through its ease of action design — thus, improving the natural workflow and output of baristas.
Another stand-out feature is the KB90’s Steam Flush function which enables the machine to do a flush cycle, using only a small burst of steam and water — removing coffee residue quickly, and leaving every espresso drink tasting its best.
The KB90 is distributed and marketed in Singapore by Boncafé.

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