China holds first lemon industry conference

Dozens of workers pick and pack quality lemons in Anyue.
(Photo: Anyue Publicity Department)
The Chinese Citrus Society recently held the first World Lemon Industry Development Conference (WLIDC) in Anyue, China's largest lemon producing region which is part of the Ziyang prefecture in the eastern Sichuan province. The conference, which aimed to facilitate exchange of ideas and promote future lemon trade partnerships was attended by experts from 10 countries, who discussed various topics relating to standardised planting and marketing innovation of lemons. 
Anyue is one of the five main lemon producing regions in the world, covering a planting area of 9554.74 acres and with the sales reaching 11 billion yuan (US$155 million), according to the society. Anyue also has partnerships with research institutes such as the China Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Sichuan Agricultural University to develop technology needed to further grow the county’s lemon industry. Wu Xu, Mayor of Ziyang, said Anyue lemon is a “remarkable brand” of Sichuan's dominant agricultural industry.
"As China's Lemon Town, Anyue expects more opportunities of all-round international cooperation, not only focusing on the agricultural communication," Wu explained.
During the conference Anyue officials said there are plans to collaborate with more research institutes such as Universidad Politecnica de Madrid in Spain, and other professionals from around the world as the county is set on helping accelerate the development of the global lemon industry.

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