Brewery gets 'A' rating

Budweiser Brewing Company APAC (BUD APAC) said it got an “A” rating in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) for 2021. The beverage manufacturer is one of Asia’s largest beer companies, with principal markets being China, South Korea, India, and Vietnam.
Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) awarded the ESG rating to the brewery. MSCI develops its ESG ratings to measure its resilience to long-term, industry material ESG risks and opportunities.
According to MSCI's ESG rating report, Bud APAC outperforms the industry in critical aspects, including product carbon footprint, packaging materials and waste, product safety and quality, as well as governance. It further recognised the beer company’s commitment to incorporating environmental and social responsibilities into its broader strategies and operations. MSCI also acknowledged Bud APAC's efforts to achieve its 2025 Sustainability Goals in climate action, water stewardship, circular packaging, smart agriculture, linking executive pay with sustainability performance, and responsible product and marketing initiatives.
Bud APAC said the ESG A rating marks a strong start of 2022. The beer maker plans to achieve its 2025 Sustainability Goals and net-zero initiative across the value chain by 2040. Aside from the MSCI, the company received recognition from other rating agencies for its significant ESG improvements in 2021. Last year, the brewery became a Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index constituent. (Image from Unsplash)

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