World leaders reminded to support farmers

An open letter sent on behalf of 1.8 million Fairtrade producers worldwide urges world leaders to keep their promise to provide for farmers hit by the climate crisis. Fairtrade is an international organisation committed to fighting the climate crisis through its programmes, training, and standards, encouraging producers to protect the environment. The letter said global heads pledged US$100 billion in annual finance to low-income nations hit by the climate crisis. Representatives of Fairtrade producer networks in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean signed the letter, warning governments that their lack of action threatens farmers' livelihoods and global food supplies. The letter also urges governments to strengthen business rules on environmental protection and promote fair, low-carbon trade deals.According to the group, 80% of the world's food comes from 500 million family farms. Farmers in climate-vulnerable countries are already using their expertise to deliver climate solutions. Still, it is not enough: financial support is critical, the organisation stressed.
The group also invites ethical shoppers and consumers to show solidarity to its causes by signing a global petition supporting the farmers' call to action. The digital petition is available in Fairtrade's digital campaign hub.

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