Asia drinking more wheat beer

Singapore’s Asia Pacific Breweries (APB) is tapping into the growing demand for wheat beer to launch its new Edelweiss beer. A light wheat beer, Edelweiss is said to be refreshingly smooth and easy to drink, with distinctive golden cloudiness and a subtle fruity aftertaste.
According to the company, the wheat beer segment has been increasing across Asia, particularly in Singapore, as more beer drinkers demand novel and premium offerings. Edelweiss beer also launched in South Korea and three other Asian markets, APB said.
According to Andy Hewson, managing director, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore, the local market for the wheat beer category has expanded by a compound annual growth rate of 291% over five years. The value of the segment will hit S$33 million (US$24 million) by 2022. Hewson said the company is also hoping to entice women to try this new beer.

‘Beer culture’ in developing markets
According to Persistence Market Research, wheat beer is traditionally prepared and consumed in European and North American countries. However, countries such as India, China, and other developing countries have adopted Western culture, which results in new beverages and food consumption patterns. This trend is fueling demand for wheat beer in these countries.
The firm's research also shows that consumption of wheat beer has some health benefits, such as reducing muscle inflammation and increasing respiratory health. (Report by Kristy Tan)

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