Alternative meat becoming more mainstream in Asia

Plant-based meat is showing up in more food outlets in the region. In Tokyo, Japanese food-tech venture company Next Meats collaborated with IKEA Japan to offer a curry dish topped with the plant-based beef, the NEXT Gyudon. The product from soy has no artificial additives. Its maker claims that the plant-based meat “perfectly replicates the texture as well as the addictive sweet and savoury flavour of the real thing”.
Next Meats hopes that this collaboration with IKEA Japan will encourage more people to try plant-based products. The company wants consumers to understand the "dire connection between animal agriculture and environmental destruction". The meat-alternative maker also signed an MOU with Toyota-Tsusho Corporation and is expanding to Southeast Asia, the US, Europe, and other countries.
Meanwhile, more than 300 7-Eleven convenience stores in Singapore will offer the plant-based burger from Impossible Foods. The company is working closely with retailer Dairy Farm Group to develop ready-to-go plant-based burgers for consumers. Dairy Farm operates 7-Eleven in Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, and Southern China. 7-Eleven Singapore is the first convenience store to serve the Impossible Burger in Asia. The retailer plans to add more plant-based items to its menu following this launch. (Reports compiled by Kristy Tan)

(Image caption: 7-Eleven stores in Singapore now sells plant-based meat burgers)





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