2021 Media Kit

New digital cookbook highlights recipes and ocean health

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) — a not-for-profit environmental group has launched its first sustainable seafood cookbook in collaboration with well-known chefs from across the globe. The Blue Cookbook is a digital collection of delicious seafood recipes such as seared king prawns, haddock and broccoli bake, hake with Cantonese glaze and steamed halibut with rice wine. The digital cookbook also features environmental stories about the ocean. It highlights to consumers how their actions can have a significant ripple effect on oceans’ environment health.
Project contributors include culinary director Lucas Glanville from Grand Hyatt Singapore and executive chef Otto Goh from the Shangri-La Hotel Group in China. All chefs involved in the Blue Cookbook are strong advocates for sustainable fishing and responsible sourcing.
"We've teamed up with incredible chefs to launch a unique, sustainable seafood cookbook which features delicious, healthy and future-friendly recipes from across the globe," said Anne Gabriel, MSC's programme director for Oceania and Singapore.
"By choosing to buy from sustainable sources, everyone can help make sure the seafood we love can be enjoyed for years to come."
To browse through the recipes in the Blue Cookbook, click here.

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