Thais buying more supplements to keep healthy

More consumers in Thailand add vitamins, minerals and other health supplements into their diets to maintain good health and performance said research firm Mintel. Findings indicate that outdoor pollution, COVID-19 and urbanisation are just some of the concerns driving Thai consumers to purchase more health supplements. Mintel's research also reveals Thai consumers find several health benefits associated with the use of vitamins, minerals, and supplements. These include adding to missing dietary nutrients (49%), protect against illnesses later in life (36%) and help improve physical appearances (27%).
Rapid urbanisation and busier lifestyles – along with fear of illness associated with the COVID-19 pandemic – have resulted in consumers seeking easy, quick and preventive solutions to improve their health, said Pimwadee Aguilar, associate director Food and drink, Mintel Thailand.
“To meet this growing demand for better overall health with minimal effort, VMS (vitamins, minerals & supplements) brands are in a good position to offer holistic health solutions and make health easy to achieve so consumers can stick with the trend long term,” she said. “VMS brands have an opportunity to expand beyond basic requests for immunity health and offer functional benefits such as beauty, brain, digestion, eye, sleep and weight management based on individual life stage, mental and physical needs.”
Thai customers also value convenience, with more consumers prioritising VMS products in a convenient format (43%). This finding rises to 55% among older consumers aged 45+. Lastly, when it comes to specific forms, Mintel research highlights that capsule (52%), drink (51%) and pill (47%) are the most preferred VMS format among Thai consumers. (Image from Unsplash)

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