Taiwan virtual pavilion offers delicacies to Indonesian foodies


Indonesians can now enjoy authentic Taiwanese food without travelling abroad. Taiwan's Department of Commerce has set up the 2020 Taiwan Food Pavilion online. The pavilion is a cross-border e-commerce portal that sells a variety of Taiwanese food and beverages products. Some of the products featured are pearl milk tea, quality Taiwanese tea, pineapple cakes, nougat, walnut cakes, and tea egg.
The offerings in the pavilion are under three categories: Classic food, Drinks, and Taiwanese snacks. The products are from 11 food and beverage brands, namely, Sad Super Hot Noodles, Sheriff Tea Egg, Itso Tea, Unique Instant, De Yi, Hui Kun, Maru Wen Food, Coville, Cherry Grandfather, Aposo, and Choice. For more details, visit https://id.foodndrink.co/.

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