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Global spice company reveals new flavour forecast

In its latest flavour forecast report, McCormick & Company focuses on four taste themes to inspire food professionals. Chefs could use the flavour forecast to create unique experiences for menus, packaged food and drink and more, the company said.
The annual forecast, which started in 2000 gathers the company's world-class team of culinary, food scientists, and flavour experts to create the Flavour Forecast. The initiative also tapped on the expertise of global culinary trendsetters and top chefs.
For 2020, the report highlighted flavours encased in four themes:
Sweet and Seasonal Satisfaction: From simple to complex, sweetness provides consumers with an indulgent and seasonal escape and a chance to enjoy every sensorial detail of food and eating. For the near future, the report sees more blurred boundaries and the fusion of sweet with everything from heat to savoury, sour and salty for brand-new sensory experiences.
Spicy Revolution: Heat is now everywhere, from grocery store shelves to upscale dining establishments, and eating spicy for fun, delight and dares are now social pastimes, the report revealed. Thus, expect menus and products to raise the bar with creative pairings of heat in applications like cocktails, baked goods, marinades and more.
Global Finds: As the desire for hyper-local tastes has increased, some consumers crave international dishes in their traditional form. At the same time, others prefer more approachable fusions. Through ingredient combinations, signature dishes or cooking methods, chefs can celebrate and bring to life these ethnic cuisines. As 2020 has brought about a new normal, demand for global flavours will likely increase with consumers stuck at home and unpredictable travel restrictions. Look to these global profiles for inspiration for restaurant menus and product innovation.
Empowered Eating and Drinking: Far beyond just eliminating fat, sugar, salt and other perceived "bad ingredients" from the diet, health and wellness have become highly personalised with a flexible approach to eating. Empowered eating and plant-based diets are here to stay. Expect menus and ingredients to explore these trends from breakfast to late-night eats to creative pairings of flavour and nutrition.
“In 20 years of forecasting, we’ve identified trends that have and will shake up the way we cook, flavour and eat. These discoveries impacted food and drink culture in the most exciting ways,” said Gary Patterson, executive research chef at McCormick & Company. “From travel and health to pleasure and indulgence, it’s about how these things connect us to food and drinks while also offering sensory delight to create the ultimate experience.” (Image from McCormick)

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