2021 Media Kit

Post COVID-19: Eat at home, the new reality for Asian consumers

The pandemic has shifted consumers’ preference from ‘on-the-go’ food consumption to ‘safe in-home’ meals, revealed a study from Nielsen, a global measurement and data analytics company. According to the firm’s "COVID-19 Where consumers are heading?" report, consumers across 11 Asian markets have re-prioritised eating at home. Leading the trend are mainland Chinese consumers (86%) who said they would eat at home more often than before the outbreak. A similar pattern occurred with 77% of consumers in Hong Kong planning to eat at home more often than before. Other markets that highlight the same trend include South Korea, Malaysia and Vietnam (62% respectively).
The study also showed that there is a high demand for convenience and safety as consumers re-think about food options without compromising on their health. Hong Kong, for example, tops the list with 46% of consumers showing a high preference for takeaway food. Similarly, consumers from South Korea and Thailand (42% respectively) are choosing the food delivery option more often than before the event.
"Consumer thinking and actions have been reoriented, and this will have long-term consequences,” said Andrea Borelli, managing director, Nielsen Hong Kong and Macau. “For many, old habits like eating out may forever be replaced by new habits, more apt to new, altered environments. Not only will consumers re-assess where they are eating, but they will also be far more mindful of what they are eating." (Image from Pixabay)

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