Japanese prefecture invites tourists to pick and eat its strawberries

As part of its spring tourism promotion campaign, Japan’s Chiba Prefectural Government is inviting tourists to visit local strawberry farms. The visitors can pick and eat locally grown strawberries such as the "Chi-Ba+Berry" variety, an original species developed in Chiba Prefecture and marketed since January 2017. This strawberry variety is larger, with a sweet and delicious taste. It is only available in the prefecture.
Numerous varieties of strawberries are being grown at over 100 strawberry farms in the prefecture, allowing visitors to taste different types of berries. About 50 of these farms are cultivating and selling the Chi-Ba+Berry variety.
Chiba Prefecture is highly accessible for inbound tourists as it hosts Narita International Airport, a primary gateway to Japan, and has a warm climate. The prefecture hopes that as many people as possible will come to enjoy the strawberries this coming spring. The strawberry-picking season lasts from January to around May.

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