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Japanese lovers to get more Ruby this Valentine season

Kohei Ogata, head of Chocolate Academy in Tokyo, 
leads the way in exploring new and creative 
Ruby chocolate applications in Japan.

Global chocolate products supplier Barry Callebaut reveals that Japan is one of the company's biggest markets for its Ruby chocolate. This month, Japanese chocolate manufacturers and artisan consumer brands are rolling out Ruby chocolate products in more than 50,000 distribution and sales points in supermarkets, convenience stores, train stations, hotels and pastry and chocolate shops across Japan. Ruby is dubbed as the fourth type of chocolate (alongside Dark, Milk and White chocolate variants). Derived from the Ruby cocoa bean, this pink-coloured chocolate promises a "completely new taste experience" — a tension between fresh berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness. Barry Callebaut says the ‘berry-fruitiness’ flavour is natural. 
Currently, Japanese chocolatiers and confectionery shops import Ruby chocolate. But increasing demand for this pink-coloured chocolate in Japan is spurring Barry Callebaut to produce Ruby chocolate locally for specific confectioneries and customers. The company said its chocolate factory located in Takasaki (100km northwest of Tokyo) is preparing to produce Ruby chocolate for Japan.
“For decades, the Japanese consumers' preferences and cultural inclinations have trail-blazed trends in the region and beyond,” said Pascale Meulemeester, managing director for Barry Callebaut in Japan. "At first, attracted by its unique look, the trendy Japanese consumers have truly embraced Ruby chocolate as the fourth type of chocolate and are extremely curious to try it."
Barry Callebaut said research shows that 42% of the Japanese population is aware of Ruby chocolate, and over six million consumers have already enjoyed it.  This, despite the fact Ruby was not available everywhere in retail until now.  Information also revealed that 82% say they are interested in tasting Ruby chocolate in the future. The Nikkei Trendy, a Japanese magazine that tracks trendsetters, put Ruby chocolate on its 'Top 30 Trends List' in 2019.

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