Foodgates to open more F&B trade between China and France

Foodgates, which was launched this month promises to help Chinese buyers purchase excellent French food products with total assurance about the origin, quality and safety. A cross-continental logistics and trades solution, Foodgates is a collaboration between Shanghai-based VeChain, operator of an “enterprise-friendly” public blockchain platform, Oslo-based provider of risk management and quality assurance services DNV GL and Shanghai-based logistics company ASI Group.
"We developed a blockchain-powered solution which connects the best of French products to Chinese buyers, aiming at bringing transparency and traceability to the French-Chinese B2B market,” said Mathieu Borge, co-founder of Foodgates, ASI Group.
Powered by VeChain’s VeChainThor public blockchain for food & beverage industries, Foodgates will provide verified and certified information of the full lifecycle of the food products. With Foodgates, French food and beverage producers will also have direct access to the Chinese market — creating a “trustworthy bridge” between the two markets. DNV GL, on the other hand, will make sure that only transparent and consistent data are logged onto the VeChainThor public blockchain."The immutability of public blockchain coupled with verifiable information makes this solution really unique. We see the massive potential of this collaboration, as the products are reaching out to an enormous market in China," Kevin Feng, the COO at VeChain, concluded.

Photo caption: Only transparent and consistent data are looked into the public blockchain. (Image from Pixabay)

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