Olive oil from Spain pours in to Shanghai

“Olive oil makes a tastier world” claims Olive Oils from Spain, a global campaign initiative promoting Spanish olive oil products. Early this month, the group was in Shanghai, China to bring the unique culture of olive oil, the Mediterranean diet and the European healthy lifestyle to Chinese consumers. The promotional tour was created in collaboration with the European Union. The Shanghai stop was the second time the group visited China since the three-year global promotional campaign launched. Last year, the Spanish olive oil promoters were in Beijing. 
Chinese chefs demonstrated how olive oils can be used in local cuisine.

The Shanghai event demonstrated the features and diversity of olive oils from Spain as well as its versatility in Chinese cuisine. For example, local celebrity chef, culinary expert and gourmet columnist Hu Yuanjun, led a live demonstration of cooking Chinese dishes with olive oil — showing how perfect the combination of olive oil is with Chinese cuisine. 
He said: "Olive oil is the best and healthiest cooking oil, 100% fresh fruit juice, versatile and with several healthy benefits which can be cooked at high temperatures with different cooking methods — frying, deep-frying, cooking, boiling, etc. Moreover, olive oil has its unique fruity flavour, which helps to enhance the flavour of ingredients and make the dishes more delicious, so it is ideal for Chinese cooking.”
The olive oil promotional tour will continue to reach out to new consumers this year. For instance this December, a particularly active month for international travellers, Olive Oils of Spain will hold a promotion event at one of the main international airports in China — Guanzhou Baiyun, to introduce travellers to the culture of olive oils.

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