Filipino celebrity chef on running a restaurant and the role of chefs today

Gene Gonzalez, book author and chef patron of Café Ysabel, one of Metro Manila’s most famous restaurants, recently sat down with Tasty Asia’s Millette Manalo-Burgos, and shared his views on running a popular restaurant, managing staff, industry training, food trends, and the role of chefs today.
Opened 25 years ago as a “little neighbourhood” restaurant in San Juan, Metro Manila, Café Ysabel is consistently on the top 100 restaurants list of industry organisations such as the Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines (HRAP). 
The restaurant complex is also home to the Center for Asian Culinary Studies, headed by Chef Gonzalez. Students of the school are taken as interns of Café Ysabel to allow them to work in an actual restaurant working environment. Café Ysabel is also a gastronomic centre, and thanks to its students and chefs, the restaurant is able to serve a creative and wide array of food from all over the world. The chefs and students work hand-in-hand on Cafe Ysabel's events and daily operations.
Watch the video to find out more! 

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