Growth in store for probiotics market

The global probiotics market will reach US$2.21 billion, said research firm Technavio. Data from the company’s latest forecast and analysis report said the market will witness a Year-On-Year growth of 7.48% in 2022 and a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.99% during the 2022-2026 forecast period.
The Asia-Pacific (APAC) will provide maximum growth opportunities in the probiotic ingredients market during the forecast period. According to the firm’s research, the region will contribute to 38% of the global market growth and dominate the market through 2025. The report said Japan and China are the two major markets for probiotic ingredients in the APAC. The rising use of probiotic ingredients, more producers, and total production will drive the probiotic ingredients market growth in APAC during the forecast period. Also, research cited factors such as increased agricultural production, improvements in food processing technology, and changing consumer food consumption patterns paving the way for probiotic ingredients’ growth of the food and beverage industry.
Consuming probiotic ingredients can help strengthen the ability of gut flora to improve overall health. However, a key challenge is the shelf life of probiotic ingredients. The limited shelf life of most probiotic bacteria causes deterioration and reduced viability because the number of viable bacteria decreases with time during storage. (Image from Unsplash)

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