Spain certifies SG restaurants

Spain has awarded 12 Spanish restaurants in Singapore with a Restaurants from Spain certification, an international distinction given to eateries serving authentic Spanish cuisine. According to ICEX Spain, a government agency for the global promotion of Spanish firms, Singapore is the first country in Southeast Asia to garner the Spanish distinction.
The certification programme, renewable yearly, helps support and recognise international gastronomy initiatives focused on Spanish cuisine and guarantee the quality of these restaurants. The idea is to establish quality standards and criteria for the consumers looking for authentic Spanish cuisine, ICEX said. Certified restaurants are also effective channels for Spanish food and winemakers to showcase their products.
The 12 Restaurants from Spain recipients are Asador, Binomio, FOC, FOC Sentosa, Gaig, Next Door Spanish Cafe, Olivia, Tapas 24, Tapas Club Orchard, Tapas Club Vivo City, Tapas Club Jewel, and Una. The Ambassador of Spain in Singapore, HE Santiago Miralles, awarded the certificates to the restaurants.
So far, 48 restaurants globally, including the 12 in Singapore, have received the Spanish certifications. In the UK, 16 establishments are certified. In Ireland, there are five, and the Netherlands has four. Switzerland has three and China four. Germany has three, and one in Belgium.
Next year, Spain plans to add more restaurants to the programme, expanding to markets as diverse as the United States, Mexico, and Japan.

(Image caption: Restaurant representatives receives award at the Spanish Embassy in Singapore)

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