Peru agri-food exports to HK up

Peruvian agri-food exports to Hong Kong are up, according to Peru’s commission for promotion Promperu. Exports for 2021 continue to increase and surpass 2020 figures, making Hong Kong the second leading Asian destination for fresh Peruvian foods. Data showed that in June this year, exports have already reached US$100 million, constituting an increase of 53% compared to 2020.
Grapes, avocados and cranberries remain the most sought-after Peruvian fresh products in Hong Kong. Cranberries exports showed a significant increase in 2021; they rose by 693.4% in value compared to the previous year. Given these results, Promperu said it would continue to commit to promotion initiatives in Hong Kong points of sale, both at retail and in the restaurant sector.
The main markets for Peruvian agri-food exports in Asia in 2020 were China ($182 million), Hong Kong ($158 million), South Korea ($116 million) and Japan ($89 million).


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