Demand for citrus fibre growing globally

According to a recent study by Transparency Market Research, the global citrus fibre market will rise to US$160 million by 2031. Europe generated the highest market value share of 31.7% in 2021, valued at $100 million. The growing consumer preference for natural plant-based food ingredients is benefiting the citrus fibre market.
The research firm added there is a growing population suffering from diseases and allergies caused by synthetic ingredients. This development has proved beneficial for the growth of naturally derived citrus fibre products to boost health and wellness.
Another industry with a growing need for citrus fibre is the mechanically deboned meat (MDM) sector. According to findings, citrus fibre helps enhance the viscosity of the MDM meat mixture, improving its processability. It also contributes to meat cohesiveness improvement, which, in turn, offers an eating quality better than traditional MDM-free meat products. Citrus fibre can maintain the meat product's original texture when heated. This indispensable property serves as a critical advantage for meat processing companies.
Lastly, pectin from the citrus fibre is used for different applications in food and non-food industries. The study revealed that it has applications in the food industry in various bakery, dairy, confectionery, and dessert products. Pectic is also used in non-food sectors such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and industrial applications. This versatility creates increased opportunities for the manufacturers to diversify their portfolios. (Image from Unsplash)

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