More plant-based meats showing up on Asian plates

The growing popularity of alternative meat has spurred food companies to present consumers with more meatless options on their plates. For example, Tokyo based food-tech venture company Next Meats Co has unveiled its signature plant-based bbq meats at the meat section of Ito Yokado, a Japanese superstore chain. The company said this is the first time its products are in a retail store alongside actual animal meat. The move is also an excellent opportunity to reach new customers. Aside from Japan, Next Meats products are now available in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vietnam.
Meanwhile, Nestle Professional in Singapore has teamed up with local restaurants to tempt diners to try their Harvest Gourmet alternative meat products. Aside from Singapore, the new products are available in China and Malaysia. Nestle has alternative meat manufacturing facilities in China and Malaysia.

Rising interest in health and wellness

One of the main reasons for plant-based meat's rising popularity in Asia is consumers' preference for healthier diets. According to Mintel's annual Asia-Pacific Food and Drink Landscape report, the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed critical truths related to health and wellness. The pandemic drove consumers’ focus on preventive health and mindful eating. What's more, the preference for natural, flexible and straightforward diets leads consumers to seek more fruits, vegetables, and other plant-based ingredients within the products they purchase. The report also said the rise in plant-based diets is due to heightened concerns for animal welfare, the environmental impact of intensive animal farming, and health reasons. (Image from Unsplash)

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