New deal set to empower Indonesian cocoa farmers

A collaboration between global chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut and professional service provider Deloitte will benefit 30,000 cocoa farmers in Sulawesi and Sumatra in Indonesia. The deal aims to deliver educational and skills development programmes to the farmers and permanently lift them out of poverty.
Indonesia is the world's sixth-largest cocoa producer with approximately 220,000 tons a year, most of which comes from Sulawesi. Research also shows that small-holder farmers dominate cocoa plantations in Indonesia.
Under this new collaboration, cocoa farmers, about 20% of whom are women, will have access to financial literacy and entrepreneurship pieces of training. The programme will help them find ways to professionalise their small business and improve their livelihoods.
Also, the farmers will undergo sales and marketing training conducted by Barry Callebaut's field facilitators, who are critical to the successful implementation of the company’s Farm Business Plans. These plans consist of tailor-made services such as tools, individual coaching and agricultural inputs to support and improve farmer income.
Together, the two companies will also introduce the Deloitte Grow programme. This initiative will create better opportunities for youths through education and preserve interest and appreciation for cocoa farming for the future. The professional service provider will also collaborate with Generation Peace, an Indonesian advocacy group, to provide soft skills and critical thinking training for teachers. The aim is to improve the quality of education in these farming communities and prepare the next generation to embrace Industry 4.0.

(Image from Barry Callebaut and Deloitte)

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