2021 Media Kit

Peruvian food exports to SG grows

After a decade of free trade agreements, Peruvian food exports to Singapore grew by 23%. PROMPERÚ, Peru's trade office for South-east Asia, said Singapore accounts for almost 1% of Peruvian exports to Asia. In 2019, imports of fresh Peruvian produce reached a value of US$4.931 million.
During the first six months of 2020, fresh cranberries, pomegranates and asparagus were the leading Peruvian exports to Singapore. Other Peruvian products imported during the same period include quinoa, chia seeds, chestnuts, artichokes, and jalapeño peppers. Singapore has also authorised the import of new fresh produce, offering a significant growth opportunity in this niche market for Peruvian products.
Meanwhile, Peru’s food exports account for its second-biggest generator of foreign currency. In the last few years, trade with Asia in the fruit and vegetable sector has increased considerably, the agency revealed. The region currently accounts for 9% of all Peruvian agri-food exports worldwide. China is the biggest Asian market for Peruvian produce, with a 30% share of all exports, followed by Hong Kong (20%), South Korea (14%), Japan (12%) and Indonesia (8%). The trade agency said it is also growing the market for Peruvian food exports in Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.

‘Super Foods’ campaign

This month, the trade office has launched a superfoods campaign aimed to increase consumer awareness of the benefits of eating Peruvian superfoods such as quinoa, chia seeds, cocoa beans and powdered ginger.
We are currently collaborating with two retailers in Singapore, Nature's Superfoods and Zenxin Organic Food, said Erick Aponte, Trade Commissioner for PROMPERÚ in South-East Asia.
The strategy is to work with each retailer to launch an 'immunity package' which includes a range of superfoods that promote the variety of healthy food products from Peru.
"We are also developing campaigns that focus on healthy snacks and beverages, as well as their future promotion in restaurants," he concluded.

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