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More vegan ice-cream global launches noted

With consumers around the globe becoming more enamoured with plant-based food products, new research from Mintel noted an increasing proportion of vegan ice cream launches happening around the world. According to Mintel’s Global New Product Database (GNPD), vegan ice cream global launches accounts for 7% of all product launches in the last 12 months (2019-2020). This figure is more than double the 3% five years ago (2015-2016).
The recent buzz around veganism has made its mark on the ice cream category. Plant-based ice creams are moving beyond basic flavours. It now offers more indulgent options, Kate Vlietstra, an analyst for Mintel Global Food & Drink, said.
Mintel said texture is playing a prominent part in vegan new product development (NPD) with chunkier varieties on offer. “Brands are demonstrating that vegan offerings can be premium with an array of luxury flavour combinations and packaging,” Vlietstra added.
Launches of vegan ice cream products with a chunky texture such as nuts, cookie pieces, toffee pieces and cookie dough chunks have surged from 2% to 13% over the last four years. Chocolate accounts for 26% of innovation in the previous 12 months, while vanilla (11%) and coconut (9%) remain the most popular in terms of plant-based flavour innovation.
Vlietstra added: “The makeup of plant-based ice cream will evolve, incorporating new ingredients from the world of plant milk such as quinoa and other seeds. Oats are expected to feature in more dairy-free ice creams, following on from the popularity of oats in plant-based drinks.” (Image from Unsplash)

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