COVID-19 lockdown spurs F&B operator to fine-tune supply chain

The pandemic created an opportunity for Mango Tree and Coca Restaurants Worldwide to fine-tune its supply chain. The result, organic farms to supply healthy and sustainable ingredients for its restaurants in Thailand. This initiative also spurred the restaurants to adopt a renewed focus on natural cuisine featuring ingredients from its new organic farms.
The farms will cultivate local and seasonal produce, with greenhouses for fresh herbs and vegetables such as chilis, aubergines, bitter gourds, mustard greens, Thai basil, bok choi, coriander, rocket, kale, spinach and more. It also has fruit orchards with mango and banana trees, large fishponds and free-range chicken runs.
The new facilities operate in partnership with local communities and use permaculture farming philosophies and techniques. Eventually, the new supply chain concept will be deployed across Asia. Having these farms would ensure a trusted source of natural ingredients for the company’s restaurants around the region.
Aside from a new culinary concept, the company is also adapting to the new realities of dining in the post-COVID-19 world. The restaurants have enhanced hygiene practices and protocols that follow guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO). Protocols also include social distancing in many areas, digital booking and payment systems, and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).
“The COVID-19 global pandemic has been a difficult time for everyone, especially in the hospitality industry. However, we believe that every challenge also presents an opportunity," said Trevor MacKenzie, global managing director, Mango Tree and COCA Restaurants Worldwide.
The lockdowns due to COVID-19 has not been easy, he added. The company has lost a small number of restaurants, and all six of its outlets in airports around the region remains closed. However, its non-airport restaurants in China, Hong Kong, Japan and the UAE are now operational. The company has even launched a brand new restaurant at the Tokyo Dome. The operator said it remains on track towards achieving the target of operating 100 outlets worldwide by 2025.

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