SG ‘home chefs’ set to challenge wine pairing misconceptions

Australian wine brand Wolf Blass is partnering with five home chefs in an upcoming series of Private Chef’s Table dinners in Singapore. The initiative is part of the wine brand’s ongoing 'Find Your Flavour' campaign, which aims to change attitudes towards having wine with local food. These five home chefs, all highly- rated on food platform Dine Inn, will prepare an exciting line-up of exquisite local delights designed to provide diners with memorable gastronomical experiences.
Wolf Blass’ said its reinvented technique of wine pairing would encourage consumers to look at “the sauce instead of the proteins”. By focussing at the sauces used, similarities in the dishes could help to identify a wine that will match well with the meal. This technique stems from an observation that food in the region tends to be more sauce-heavy compared to Western cuisines. Additionally, meals are also served family-style instead of a multi-course sequence, presenting a challenge for wine pairing.
"As one of the most awarded wineries in Australian history, Wolf Blass is a trusted name for wine lovers looking for quality wines to match with their meals,” said Chris Hatcher, Wolf Blass’ chief winemaker. “The 'Find Your Flavour' campaign is very fresh and exciting, bringing a new dimension to the traditional food and wine guides. I am sure with this new technique Singaporeans will begin to drink wine with their everyday staples.”
Thus, for five Saturdays, from 4 April to 2 May 2020, a different home chef will head the Private Chef’s Table to showcase their best local dishes ranging from “reinvented” traditional to local fusion and contemporary Peranakan cuisine. These menus will feature distinct sauces that backbones the profile of each dish, rather than the protein, giving the nod to the new technique of wine pairing.
The wines to be served at the dinners include Wolf Blass Gold Label Riesling (91 points from James Suckling), Wolf Blass Gold Label Chardonnay, Wolf Blass Gold Label Shiraz, Wolf Blass Gold Label Cabernet Sauvignon (91 points from James Suckling) and Wolf Blass Grey Label Cabernet Shiraz. The Private Chef Table dinners will feature a set wine list, showing the strong versatility of the wines across various local dishes.
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