Trading firm appointed export agent for Japanese spirit brand

Trading company Jalux is now an exclusive export agent for the Moriizo brand of shochu distilled spirit. Jalux has expertise in the aviation and airport areas and provides original value-added products and services in following four business domains: Aviation & Airport, Life Service, Retail and Food & Beverage.
Shochu is one of Japan's most famous distilled spirit, typically extracted from sweet potatoes, barley, rice, cane sugar or buckwheat and distilled only once. That's why shochu is different from other distilled spirits as this method allows the spirit's original base ingredients to influence the aroma and flavour of the final product significantly. Also, shochu is usually distilled at around 40-50 proof, making it a lighter spirit in general.
Moriizo's shochu is made from Kogane Sengan sweet potatoes grown specifically for the company. The shochu is fermented with native yeast in its original facility (built-in 1885), in handmade clay vats that are over 130 years old. Moriizo uses the region's famous Tarumizu spring water from the company's well.
Since its launch in 1988, Moriizo’s shochu has captivated many fans with its delightful taste, high quality and limited availability. Jalux will export the spirit mainly to the US, Europe as well as China and other Asian countries starting this month.

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