Sea scallop traceability now enhanced by blockchain platform

Scallop harvest data from Atlantic Sea Scallop Fishery can now be accessed
via IBM Food trust platform.
To enhance seafood traceability and connection with global sourcing partners, US-based supplier Raw Seafoods has partnered with IBM’s Food Trust platform. Built on the IBM Blockchain Platform, the initiative will start by digitising the supply chain for scallops sourced from the Atlantic Sea Scallop Fishery. 
The platform would be able to compile information on the latest sea scallop catch by fleets from the fishery. The data uploaded on the platform would enable distributors and retailers to identify exactly when and where a given lot of scallops was harvested. The platform will also track when the boat landed portside, and when each scallop lot was hand graded, selected, packed and shipped to its final destination. This information, as well as images and video, is uploaded via satellite while still offshore.
Additionally, the information from the blockchain platform can be made available to “permissioned” parties, including distributors, suppliers, retailers and their customers at point of sale.
"We are always actively engaged in helping our suppliers, retailers and restaurants deliver a product that's well above the industry standard for quality and freshness," said Daniel McQuade, vice-president of marketing for Raw Seafoods. "With IBM Food Trust, we found the perfect tool for establishing a direct link between the consumer and the captain of the boat that caught their fish, empowering shoppers and diners to demand more from their food supply chain."

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