New platform to ‘power’ more connected kitchens

Image from Pixabay
Commercial kitchens can now connect to the cloud, thanks to an open platform called Open Kitchen by SiteSage, developed by US equipment and energy management solutions company Powerhouse Dynamics. 
The enhanced version of the platform can connect commercial kitchen equipment to the cloud and provides remote access to critical data and performance monitoring. This feature would allow food service operators using the platform a single view across their all their kitchen locations and equipment regardless of brand. According to research firm Gartner, by 2020, the connected kitchen will contribute at least 15% savings in the food and beverage industry, and Open Kitchen, says its developer, will enable food service operators to optimise equipment performance and facility operations “ultimately lowering” operating costs, reducing equipment downtime and ensuring food safety and product quality.
"With Open Kitchen, we are creating a new standard for Internet-of-Things (IoT)-based solutions in the commercial kitchen market," said Martin Flusberg, president of Powerhouse Dynamics. "Operators want a single view into all of their locations; they don't want to login to a different system for each piece of equipment. Open Kitchen connects equipment from virtually any brand and brings all that critical information together so customers can make swift and data-driven performance decisions.”

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