Capella Bangkok to present culinary heritage of Chareonkrung

Capella Bangkok, a new luxurious boutique retreat slated to launch this year, will introduce guests to the rich cultural and culinary heritage of Charoenkrung, its charming and rapidly re-emerging riverside neighbourhood. Charoenkrung was one of Bangkok’s main thoroughfares up until the early 20th century, when trade and traffic still depended on the river. Today, the area remains a bubbling melting pot of race, religion and delicious cuisine.
Visitors can discover a wide variety of street food snacks and authentic dishes on the streets of Charoenkrung, many of which have their roots in other countries and cultures. Chinese noodles, Southeast Asian satay and Indian curry puffs are all handmade for hungry locals, alongside classic Thai snacks such as moo ping (grilled pork skewers) and sai oua (Thai sausages). Many of the family-run stalls can trace their roots back multiple generations.
To head Capella Bangkok’s initiative to explore Charoenkrung’s tasty side is the hotel’s head chef Wichian Trirattanavatin. Chef Lek, as he likes to be called was born in Charoenkrung and has a lifelong connection with the neighbourhood. As a child he toured the area’s bustling markets and “hole in the wall” restaurants with his father, who worked as a chef in the area for 40 years. Many of the street food stalls and shophouse restaurants he frequented as a boy are still there – often run by the same people – and he still pays them regular visits on his trusty scooter.
“It’s the sights, the sounds, the smells and above all the moments that make this place truly special,” Chef Lek said. “There’s so much food here — so much variety. And each dish, every recipe, tells its own story. Charoenkrung is part of my soul, so it is a great honour to introduce the cuisine of my home to international guests. Charoenkrung has always welcomed the world and Capella Bangkok will continue this proud legacy.”
Following in his father’s footsteps, Chef Lek will combine time-honoured recipes and fresh ingredients with contemporary cooking techniques to elevate local cuisine to the highest levels of global gastronomy, delivering delectable and beautifully presented dishes in an exquisite riverfront setting.

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