Chef whips up taste of Ukraine for Singapore diners

Sweet, sour, or salty? What are the taste and flavour similarities between Ukraine and Asian dishes? Ukrainian chef Lurii Kovryzhenko tells Tasty Asia’s Millette Burgos how some of the country’s well-known food such as Borscht also feature flavours familiar to Asian palates.
Chef Lurii was in Singapore recently to prepare a six-course dinner for  guests of His Excellency, Dmytro Senik, Ukraine’s ambassador to Singapore, and to conduct a masterclass for the students of At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy — also the venue for the ambassador’s dinner.
The school’s culinary team and select students assisted chef Lurii with the preparations for the memorable six-course meal using ingredients mostly found in Ukraine cuisine such as beetroots and roasted buckwheat. The chef  plated these creations with his signature style of garnishing the dishes with edible flowers.
In this interview, chef Lurii also shared his thoughts on why young chefs, such as those studying at the At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy, need to create their styles to help them forge their own paths into the global culinary world.

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