HK restaurant gets a new look

Mott 32 Hong Kong has undergone its first renewal in nine years, following its global expansion into seven iconic cities. Introducing new design elements that reflect the city's changing times, the refreshed main dining area and bar exude elegance. In contrast, five enhanced private dining rooms offer distinct themes and narratives, showcasing a blend of Chinese authenticity and Western flair, the signature of Mott 32, a luxury Chinese brand created in Hong Kong and expanded to seven international locations, including Bangkok, Cebu, Dubai, Las Vegas, Seoul, Singapore, and Vancouver.
According to Maximal Concepts, which executed the new look, the refresh emphasised the restaurant's commitment to evolving with the times to deliver innovative and mesmerising experiences to customers. Xuan Mu, co-founder and group managing director at Maximal Concepts, said: "The new elements at Mott 32 Hong Kong showcase our commitment to the original location after a demanding few years." He added: "Our design ethos of blending a lofty New York industrial style with Hong Kong opulence remains the same. It continues to be seen across our new openings worldwide. As a destination for locals to bring their guests or business partners to enjoy a unique, contemporary-style Chinese meal, we owe it to our customers to ensure the restaurant evolves with the times and continues to deliver innovative yet mesmerising experiences, from ambience to flavours."

(Image caption: Mott 32 Hong Kong's refreshed dining area)

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