New report reveals 2022 menu staples

What's on the menu this year? Research firm Technomic has released a new State of the Menu report, highlighting growing ingredients and flavours on menus. These trend predictions will surface this year and provide insights into best-in-class, limited-time offers.
Looking at the past year in review is essential to see what trends influence the foodservice industry, especially with the pandemic's impact on these menus, Katie Belflower, menu analyst at Technomic, explained.
Data revealed that foodservice operators face industry challenges that will likely persist for the foreseeable future. With consumers seeking new takes on familiar items, operators need to find creative ways to make classic dishes more exciting. The report provides crucial details on how leading restaurant operators find ways to innovate amid ongoing labour and supply constraints.
Research showed that chicken would continue to dominate limited-service restaurant (LSR) menus for lunch and dinner. Chicken has also found a growing new usage application in bowls, up by 30.8% yearly. Breakfast value meals will also rise to the top of full-service restaurant (FSR) breakfast dishes, with year-over-year growth of 225%.
Meanwhile, the report said that non-alcohol beverages dominate breakfast items, with a 31.5% LSR operator penetration rate. 

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