Global beer brand holds ‘plastic fishing’ tournament

To commemorate Global Recycling Day last week, international beer brand Corona held its first 'plastic fishing' tournaments in Mexico, China, Brazil and Israel that netted five tons of plastic debris from waters worldwide. The plastic fishing tournament resulted from a brand-led initiative based on an internal corporate social responsibility innovation challenge in Mexico in 2021.
"We feel it is our responsibility to protect paradise for generations to come. We want to lead the way and inspire others to do the same," said Felipe Ambra, global vice-president for Corona.
In the past, the global beer brand has conducted over 1,400 clean-ups, engaged over 68,000 volunteers, and collected plastic waste from more than 44 million sqm of coastline.
During the events, the company compensated local anglers for their time, and plastic debris hauls and connected them to local recycling centres to collect and recycle the plastic waste. The plastic debris also provided the local fishing communities with a new income source. From North America and South America to Asia and the Middle East, more than 150 total community members participated in the collection, spending more than 15 hours collectively fishing for plastic. The plastic collected will be recycled or transformed as community sculptures, pallets for transportation and beachwear merchandise.
According to estimates by the World Economic Forum, by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea, impacting fishers' livelihood.

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