Coming soon: automated kitchens?

Pazzi Robotics, a French kitchen software and robotics start-up, unveiled fully automated packaged solutions for the F&B industry. The technology ranges from food preparation to final assembly, based on automated procedures performed by robots. Qualgro, a venture capital (VC) firm based in Singapore and Europe-based VCs Partech and Daphni, are backing the start-up.
Pazzi said it had spent seven years developing a disruptive and proprietary solution that combines software, data and precision robotics. The result is a system designed to fully automate the restaurant kitchen from ingredients selection to finished quality dishes. Its new solution aims to help the F&B industry address staff shortage, resource management and productivity, hygiene and safety, value, and quality to consumers.
With Singapore moving towards Industry 4.0, the government has come up with several initiatives to increase artificial intelligence (AI) adoption in businesses, with numerous applications in robotics. The pandemic has made implementing autonomous solutions in the F&B industry even more important. The new technology helps manage human resources and minimises contamination risks. Pazzi said its robotic solution is an excellent example of how advanced robotics can help to deliver higher efficiency and safety in the F&B space. The company added that the global food robotics market could reach US$3.1 billion by 2025.
Last year, the technology start-up launched its second automated pizzeria in Paris, France, using a pizza robot throughout the entire cooking process. There is no human intervention in the kitchen.

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