Ginseng and other Korean exports reach US$10 billion

South Korea's Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs reported that exports of agricultural and fishery products exceeded US$10 billion this year. Ginseng, a functional health ingredient, contributed $170 million to the overall export revenue. Ginseng is a representative crop of Korea, known for its traditional medicinal and health value worldwide.
The Korea Ginseng Association said ginseng's medicinal culture and cultivation are national intangible treasures. The country has an optimal climate and soil for ginseng cultivation and excellent cultivation and processing technology.
"We expect this news will further increase the recognition of Korean ginseng and Korea as the homeland of ginseng," the association said.
Korea started exporting fish and agricultural products in the 1990s. This initiative aided in spreading Korean food and food culture to the world. The globalisation campaign of Korean food in 2008 and policies to promote new market development in 2017 have resulted in a steady growth of agricultural and fishery food exportation to 200 countries.
This year, despite the global logistics crisis caused by the pandemic, the expansion continued, recording the highest growth rate in the past ten years (16.1% higher compared to the same period last year).

(Image from the Korean Ginseng Association)

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