More development for China’s tea industry

China's tea industry continues to grow in production and sales, with 2021's yield projected to reach 3.2 million tons. The China Tea Marketing Association said this means an output value of 280 billion yuan (US$43.7 billion) for this year. 
A recent conference on China's tea industry revealed plans to develop the tea industry nationwide through exhibitions, economic and trade fairs, research, health forums, promotion conferences, and industrial development sessions. One of the regions currently planning to grow its tea production industry is Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, located in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The county championed tea cultivation in every village, and it followed a model composed of enterprise, cooperative and farmer. Aside from improved cultivation methods, county officials introduced leading enterprises and promoted large-scale operation of tea gardens to improve the tea industry in variety, quality, and brand in the region. The association revealed that Sanjiang already produced 16,256 tons of dry tea, valued at 1.9 billion yuan as of September this year.
In 2020, market research firm Statista said the revenue of the global tea market was $186.67 billion. China generated the most significant single portion of this revenue at approximately $78.7 billion, followed by Brazil and India generating $16 and $15.8 billion in revenue, respectively. In comparison, the UK generated $2.1 billion, while Germany only made over $600 million. (Image from Unsplash)

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