'Koolbotic’ installed to boost operation efficiency

To boost sorting efficiency and raise accuracy within its F&B operations, Kerry Logistics in Hong Kong has invested in a robotic arm. The “koolbotic” is part of its ongoing efforts to increase automation in its operations to enhance productivity. The robotic arm can work 20-hour shifts and handle a large volume of chilled food products in a low-temperature environment. The new technology can raise sorting productivity by 20%. What’s more, the automation can endure freezing conditions which would be detrimental to humans for a prolonged period, thus safeguarding the health and safety of human staff members.
Samuel Lau, deputy managing director - Integrated Logistics of Kerry Logistics Network, said:
"We are firm believers of leveraging the benefits of technological advances to bolster our productivity as well as to improve the working conditions of our people. We see this type of selective automation and collaborative robots as the future of our industry, as it combines the best of both worlds - the flexibility of humans and the endurance of machines."
The global market for industrial robots is projected to grow steadily between 2019 and 2027, according to research from Statista. In 2019, the size of the market was estimated at almost US$40 billion with some 2.7 million units of industrial robots in operation worldwide, the firm added. By 2027, the market size is forecast to surpass $100 billion. (Image from company’s Facebook page)

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