Growth for 'sustainably-made' food and drink

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased consumer interest in more healthy and sustainable dairy products. According to new findings from Mintel, consumers in Asia are paying more attention to ingredients and practices that support safer, alternative food and drink production and innovation. Data shows that a third (33%) of Indian consumers, for example, pledge to eat fewer animal products (e.g., dairy, meat) as part of their post-COVID food and drink resolutions. In South Korea, 71% of consumers surveyed by Mintel agree that climate change will influence the foods and drinks they buy. Meanwhile, 57% of urban Chinese consumers agree that the environment became high-priority after the COVID-19 outbreak.
Tan Heng Hong, Mintel’s APAC food and drink analyst, explained:
“The growth in eco-conscious, or ‘green’ food and drink consumers, increased focus on animal welfare. Higher priority placed on sustainability all present opportunities for manufacturers and brands in the plant-based dairy category.”
Tan added that brands in the milk and yoghurt sector should consider plant-based diets, animal welfare, and sustainability when innovating new products and updating manufacturing practices. They should also highlight the benefits they offer when engaging with consumers.
According to more data, 47% of plant-based dairy products launched in Asia in the 12 months to May 2021 bear sustainability (habitat/resources) claim. Mintel said this trend indicates growth opportunities. (Image from Unsplash)

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