Saving the environment one sip at a time

Sustainability is highlighted this month in the food and drinks served in Singapore's 28 Hong Kong Street. The bar's new Brass Ring drink is a low-waste, gin-based cocktail created by Chris Saw, an International Sustainable Bartending Competition winner. Saw made the drink by upcycling ingredient leftovers in the kitchen. The result is a tall and refreshing vegan cocktail that features the Brass Lion Singapore's dry gin (distilled locally). It also used aromatised leftover white wine and house-made lime cordial from discarded lime husks.
The bar also uses ecoSpirit's closed-loop distribution system to eliminate the need for single-use bottles in the supply chain and reduces carbon footprints for spirits consumption. According to reports, of the 40 billion glass bottles of spirits consumed worldwide in 2020, the vast majority will find their way to landfills.
Still adhering to its sustainability theme, the drink goes well with the bar's meat-free fried 'chicken' and waffles. The dish is prepared by chef Melvyn Tan using Tindle's plant-based alternative chicken meat. For diners availing of the sustainable drink and food pairing, the environment will gain the following:
  • Save 31 litres of water by switching from traditional resource-intensive chicken to meat made from plants.
  • Eliminate 150g of carbon emissions through the bar's use of low-waste spirits technology
  • Plant one native tree in the bar's name in the endangered Kalimantan rainforest in Borneo, Indonesia
Justin Pallack, general manager of 28 Hong Kong Street, said they are happy to partner with foodservice suppliers who share their vision for sustainable practices in F&B businesses.
These brands give consumers the option to enjoy high-quality products conscientiously. Hopefully, we will see this approach up and down our supply chain very soon, he concluded.


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